Breakfast has never been so good…. at BAG OF BEANS

I remember last year when me and my girl went to Tagaytay to spend the weekend. We woke up next day morning not knowing what to do and where to eat. We get into the car and drive away when I suddenly remembered a place where we could get good breakfast (that is according to what I’ve read on the web). ‘Bag of Beans‘, that’s what they say. I drove a few miles and I can’t see any BOB shop. Funny thing is, when I asked one of the locals, they told me that I was way too far already from the shop (boy, this shop has given me a hard time). Finally, we saw the shop at the left side of the road and we hesitantly went inside. I thought it was just a regular bakery shop (where’s the dining place? can’t see any table nor chairs?)

The place outside looks something like this:

I was surprised when I asked the clerk on where we can find their dine-in and she told me that it was just beneath the place and the entrance was just on the side of the shop.

So we hurriedly went outside and check the entrance and found a long pathway down to their dine-in. I felt the country ambiance after I have entered the place. Along the path are different types of plantae, mid-size statues and a myna(or parrot?) talking and welcoming visitors.

We found a spot were we could sit comfortably. The waitress gave the menu and I chose to have a country style breakfast (choco chip pancakes yum yum!). My girlfriend choose a filipino style dish (chicken and pork adobo). We also tried their hot chocolate and I could say that it’s the 2nd time that I’ve got to taste a good one (one was a dine in Camp John Hay, Baguio)

Here are some pics for your craving. 🙂

Check more of their menu at

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