1st Model & Fashion Congress pre-launch party

I was invited to a pre-launch party for the 1st Model & Fashion Congress event that will be held in one of the malls in Alabang.

At first I thought it was just a gathering of photographers, models, MUA, designers and everyone from the same industry but little do I know that the registration that I signed up is for a photo contest. I’m not so sure about the price though. From what I understand, the winners (10 winners) will be privileged to have their own photo booth during the main event. Aspiring applicants will drop by to have their pictures taken on one of the photo booths.

The contest is all about shooting models. We will be paired with a model guest and will have a photo session. For the arrangement of participants, I am number 16th. Good, lot’s of time for me to think of a good lighting setup. I saw that there where two lights and I saw someone using triggers.

I am paired with a model. We talked about her poses and what would my setup be… Then, our turn came. I went inside the room and was greeted by few people who turn out to be our judges. I did test the strobes to check if they are working. I was surprised when one of the judges said that I will not be using strobes and will work on available equipment that I have. Dang, I did not brought my softbox with me. All I have is my trusty sb800 and my camera. One thing that stunned me for a second is that I only have 5 minutes to work with the model.

Okay…. fine… I did what I have to do. I setup my camera to manual mode and set my shutter speed and aperture. Made sure that I had enough ISO since the room is dimly lit. Setup my flash in TTL mode and adjust some settings. Then I shoot with the model until the timer runs out. Thanked the judges afterwards and check on my shots. It was nothing that I have envisioned a few hours before the shoot but I’m glad that I finally get correct exposures (at least!)

Then came the announcement for the 10 winners. My name was called and I am not expecting that. I wondered what are their criteria for judging? Anyways, I felt happy and proud that I won along with the other photographers. I met skilled photographers and we were able to exhange ideas and opinion about what we do best.

Overall, I did enjoyed the event. I’m looking forward on the actual event next week 🙂

My shot with ‘Kia’ posted below


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