My Vote is for Richard Gordon

Dick Gordon 2010

Few months before the election, My mind is set to only one presidentiable candidate Sen. Benigno Aquino III. But not until the last few weeks of reading newspapers, articles, watching debates and checking out each candidate’s platforms, I have rooted for Sen. Richard Gordon.
Why? Just simple. He is the only presidentiable candidate that outperforms everyone in regards to political achievement. A person with a political will. Straight, honest, talks a lot but with sense.
In this coming election, I would like you to think. Would you rather vote a person just because he is popular and is number 1 in the ratings? or vote the right person that you know is highly qualified and has already proven himself over and over again?
Think. Feel your conscience. Be a wise voter. Not a practical voter.

~ by Administrator on May 9, 2010.

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