Nikon Club Philippines: Binondo Photowalk

I’ve been shooting for almost 7 years but I got to admit that this will be my first time shooting the Chinese New Year in Binondo.

Good thing a good friend of mine invited me to join Nikon Club Philippines photowalk at the same event. It would be a perfect opportunity as well to mingle and ask the pros some tips on shooting this kind of event.

Here’s the group stationed early in Sta. cruz church.

Nikon Photo Club Group Shot

After a quick introduction and instructions, we were all set!

Some of my shots.

(c) 2014 | Maxi Adrian Photography

More of these are being sold in the streets.

(c) 2014 | Maxi Adrian Photography

If you buy an amulet, the seller blesses it for “good luck”

(c)2014 | Maxi Adrian Photography

Lucky charms are in demand this season.

Aside from taking photos, another main attraction in Binondo are the old chinese restaurants. In fact, I might have enjoyed eating rather than shooting. (ooops!)

You can view my shots in my facebook account provided below.

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~ by Administrator on February 1, 2014.

2 Responses to “Nikon Club Philippines: Binondo Photowalk”

  1. I own a Nikon P310 and a D7000 with a 35mm f/1.8. That’s the only lens I’ve got.

    Plus one Minolta SR-T 303.

  2. @TimidX Good for you mate. Where do you live?

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